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The values of the Maison sous les arbres are essential benchmarks allowing us to interact with the customer, our colleagues and management in a perspective of harmony, transparency and well-being for all of us.

We preferred to define four values that we believe are unavoidable although other values constantly challenge us in our daily lives.


The authenticity is be true to one self (e.g. beliefs) being consistent in our communication with each other, in the expression of our emotions and our actions.


Respect translates into a capacity of listening to and recognizing the person as much in its strengths, its vulnerabilities and its unique character.


Confidence is to take the risk of being in a relationship taking into account the potential of each to identify its needs, to communicate them while being supported and considered.


Autonomy is the ability of a person to appeal to its internal and external resources for reclaiming their decision power as regards them.




It was in February 1983 that the Maison sous les Arbres was set up. A community organization, it is an alternative to institutionalization. Interventions are focused on the rehabilitation of the potential of individuals.

In July 1983, the Maison sous les Arbres opened its doors.

In 1985, the resource was relocated to Principale street in Châteauguay.

In 1986, the Maison sous les Arbres became the owner of a House on Gaspé street.

In May 1987, departure from Principale street and purchase of a house on Robert street.

In 1988, we established the Mutual Aid and Support Group "Parents and friends" of the Maison sous les arbres, which eventually became "The Accolade". Still in 1988, the Maison sous les Arbres orders a feasibility study for the establishment of a Crisis Intervention Centre in the Chateauguay region.

In December 1989, the Maison sous les Arbres relocated its day centre to Salaberry street. It participated in the establishment of three self-help groups for users: The Campagnol, the Avant-Garde and the Dahlia.

In December 1991, a new team settled in, as well as a new Director. Emphasis is placed on the improvement of the quality of life of our residents. To do this, the house located on Robert street was renovated.

In 1992, a three way partnership was established between the St-Isidore Pavilion, the CHAL and the Maison sous les arbres. The Maison sous les arbres has the role to develop and update a rehabilitation and reintegration programme. This partnership will last 3 years.

In March 1992, the opening of a 24 hour/7 day crisis intervention centre meets the needs of a large part of the population.

At the end of 1992, a new property is bought on Anjou boulevard.

In March 1995, a new transition and reintegration project is set up. The accommodation residence on Robert street has turned into a transition house and a supervised apartments program developed as a supplement to social reintegration.

In 1996-1997, at the day centre, a restructuring of the service takes place, and evening workshops are set up.

In 1997-1998, the Maison Gaspé expanded its mandate and offered 4 types of paths with accommodation. 

In 1998-1999, Maison Robert and Écomotion are incorporated and a Director position is created at the crisis intervention centre. In the therapy centre, a waiting list is established. With the help of a client, a Café pilot project is set up.

In 1999-2000, Écomotion is mandated to provide training and postvention at the level of suicide and this, on a regional basis. The client that we found in the Gaspé House are there temporarily for the short or medium term.    

From 2000 to 2002, a management change results in several changes, including the reunification of the various services of the Maison sous les arbres. The Robert street house is sold, and the rehabilitation unit is moved to the Gaspé street house. The therapy centre is moved to the annex. The renovation of the main house allows devoting the 2nd floor to accommodation and crisis follow-up. An open house was held to inaugurate the refurbished premises.

At the services level, the therapy program was revised. The Maison sous les arbres crisis intervention centre gets the mandate to answer the provincial suicide prevention line for its territory.   

In 2003-2004, a therapy preparation program is implemented in an attempt to relieve the pressure on the service.

In 2004-2005, following the departure of the CEO, a joint management is put in place to ensure the general and clinical management of the Maison sous les arbres.

In 2005-2006, the departure of a co-CEO requires the reorganization of the management. In addition to a CEO, 2 clinical coordinator positions are created.

In 2006-2007, changes were made to the Therapy Centre programme: a group was moved to the evening.

In 2007-2008, the arrival of a new CEO takes place in August. In January, a redistribution of the two coordination positions is carried out, to become the Services Coordination Office.

In February 2008, we invited all the artisans who worked on the MSLA mission to come and celebrate with us the 25 years of existence.

In 2008-2009, a drop in attendance of the group therapy service brought us to redeploy our community support and crisis intervention resources.

In 2009-2010, two agreements were concluded with the Jardins-Roussillon CSSS regarding a third crisis bed and the variable intensity monitoring.

In 2010-2011, the Governing Council gave a mandate to the CEO to look at different options to enlarge our spaces. A tour of potential sites, expansion projects on our current website etc. are among several hypotheses considered. The most realistic in the circumstances was the proposed purchase of 94 Salaberry, whose home overlooks our back yard.

In 2011-2012, the Gaspé street house is sold and 94 Salaberry is purchased. Bidding and selection of a contractor. Beginning of renovations: May 2011. Installation of the support team in their new premises: December 2011.

In 2012-2013, the MSLA is updated with new technological applications: development of new record-keeping statistical software in which the intervention structure "intervene with the suicidal person using good practices" is incorporated and refreshing of our web site: www.la-msla.com 


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